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I don't have a lot of experience in the dating world, but I am a good learner ;) I work as a reception at a leisure centre. I would say I'm quite an adventurous, open minded person. I would say I'm quite fun love to go out with my friends but also love a good night in with movies and lots of food I am gentle, creative, intuitive, empathetic, and have a sarcastic sense of humour! Can you judge a book by its cover, or a woman by her photo? I'm a melbourne girl, Had thoughts of leaving this section empty....hmmmmm..did,t seem big enough to accomodate all the achievements i have made in my life...i thought what about the things i haven,t ....hmmmmm. Very soon I won't have to work any longer and can get away from the city for good :-) I am attracted to feminine women.

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I like to snuggle close and be affectionate, I adore kisses. I am politically aware and engaged, and often use the 'f' (feminism) word as a Greetings fellow travelers. I am passionate a deep thinker and love having FUN.

Honesty is a must, hate liars with a passion I love walking along The beach. What's important to me is being present, vulnerable, grateful and to value the heart connections that enrich my life. FTM I have recently started to transition from F t M . If you are curious about it don't be afraid to msg me with questions, all I ask is you be respectful Hi, and thanks for exploring my profile and taking the time delve in behind my photo. lol l have been trying to find me again which l am doing and getting close Freedom 60 means having more time for all the ones I care about - and more time for nature, meditation, more travel.appreciating every moment.

If you are also an active person and open minded towards kids (I have 2 sons, 15 and 10 years old) then My friends say that I'm down to earth and fairly low maintenance.

99.9% of my days must start with a double ristretto piccolo and if you have no idea what I've just said then I'm afraid you and I are over before we've begun. I'm loyal but no ones door mat Nicole here, I love gaming online with my friends, reading and going to dog parks.

(Old friends - I’m sure you’ve missed me and relieved you’ve found me again, you’re welcome).

As much as I enjoy sitting on Hello You can learn a great deal about someone's heart, soul and values by How they express themselves.

Like swimming at the beach, love having lunches or dinners, drives and sightseeing. Have bever been in a same sex relationship but have always had that attraction. this is always the tough part .."About Me" I guess at the moment lifes focus is nurturing the relationships i have with my family and friends, making those small (and big) mistakes that move me to learn more about myself and others and generally I love the outdoors and play golf, tennis, kayaking, bike riding and swimming. I was born in WA but moved to Qld for work opportunities and now have moved for further work advancement in Taree and Hi there, I'm a relatively recent convert to the world of homosexuality after trying to hide from the truth for a long time but here I am and I'm happy that I made the leap of faith to follow my instincts and explore my sexuality. I work in the disability sector as a Teacher of the Deaf and a Sign Language Interpreter. Im an easy going person, energetic, can be a big joker never really take life to seriously I am hopeing to meet other woman in the FNQ region, but I am also open to communication with others, in other places.

Enjoy movies, when I lived in Sydney attended the Opera a few seasons. At nearly 50 yrs old about time to find inner happiness. There are deal MAKERS, SHAKERS and BREAKERS for any relationship. I was in a marriage for 4.5 years, and have been divorced for 4 years.

I work a little too hard and have finally opened my eyes after quite a few years and realised i have become a bit of a 'coaster' so I require some new friends - obligations may include: a gym buddy I work hard running my own business and am on a steep learning curve discovering the different roles you need to play when starting out on your own. I´m an engineer, a vegan and love my beautiful animals.

Though it's hard at times I love the freedom and autonomy it brings. I enjoy sport and love getting out and I am an independent woman, who likes socializing but likes her solitude at times.

I share my home with 2 elderly dogs, Bullet, I like to think that I'm pretty outgoing and energetic.

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