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This is a document circulated on the web by Keith Devlin a few years ago in which Lockhart laments the state of mathematics education in the USA. However, it makes the claim that the rectangle proof is fantastic.

All welcome but a small charge of a pound may be made.) During David’s talk he gave a proof of Thales’ Theorem. For any point in a semi-circle, the angle formed by the lines from that point to the two edge points of the base is right-angled. Thales (c624BC – c547BC) is often considered to be the first scientist because he was the first person (we know of) who looked for non-supernatural reasons for phenomena.

Rather than believing lightning or earthquakes were caused by gods he considered more natural explanations.

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Conklin, Lynbrook, NY Found guilty of professional misconduct; Penalty: Indefinite suspension until substance abuse free and fit to practice, upon termination of suspension probation 2 years to commence if and when return to practice.

Licensee was found guilty of having been convicted of the crimes of Operating a Motor Vehicle While Ability Impaired by Drugs, an unclassified misdemeanor, Operating a Motor Vehicle While Ability Impaired by Drugs, a class E felony and Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the 7th Degree, a class A misdemeanor.He is also credited with measuring the pyramids in Egypt.His method is interesting because it does not involve a brute force use of measuring instruments, i.e., get out measuring rods and send people up the pyramids with them. He measured the height of a slave and when the sun was such that the length of the shadow of the slave was equal to his height they measured the length of the shadow of the pyramid.The Yorkshire Branch of the Mathematical Association recently hosted a talk by David Acheson entitled Proof, Pizza and Guitar.(By the way I’ll be giving a talk on card cheating for the YBMA on Wednesday 8th February at 7.30pm in School of Mathematics. ) and yet it is easy to convince yourself it’s true by doing some examples.In fact I’ve not been able to give a simple proof of the parallelogram result that did not involve something similar to that proof.

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