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This occurs when the last two meetings attended by the member were a plenary and the interim following it.This column indicates the ballot number any last invalid or missed ballot (see Ballots.shtml for the list of working group ballots). An invalid ballot is a failure to return a vote in a Working Group letter ballot series (i.e., the initial ballot and all recirculations for a particular project), or returning an invalid vote (voting "no" with no "must be satisfied" comments, or voting abstain for a reason other than "lack of expertise").

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Invalid ballots are counted over up to the last three letter ballot series since the member gained Voter status.

Transition arrangements: For ballots starting before August 2016, a voter's response to a letter ballot series is determined by their response to the initial ballot.

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After then, a voter's resonse will be determined when the letter ballot series is known to have terminated (i.e., when the project is approved by the EC, or meets the terms of conditional approval by the EC, to proceed to sponsor ballot).

Voters who failed to meet the updated OM were granted a waiver of the most recent ballot they missed so that the change in the application of the rules resulted in no loss of voting membership.A Voter that has missed a ballot series and fails to return a valid vote by the end of the next letter ballot series loses their Voter status and becomes an Ex Voter.There is a specific requirement in the IEEE-SA policies and procedures that attendees at its meetings disclose their affiliation.Because of their efforts, I barely knew there was an issue, and my patients were clueless.My team is constantly doing things like this to keep the practice running smoothly.The affiliation shown above is updated from the IEEE-SA registration data after each session you attend.

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