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The sea turtles here are three-meter beasts, and jackfish swim in swirling balls in their hundreds. Location: North East of Sipadan Island only five minutes by boat from the beach.

It’s home to the weird and wonderful too; look out for the strange-looking bum head parrot fish and eerie batfish. Considered the best wreck dive on the planet, the century-old SS Yongala shipwreck is an impressive 110 meters in size and sank after a tropical cyclone in 1911 with 124 passengers onboard.

Deep divers looking for a challenge can also go in search of the boat’s rounded stern, complete with rudder and propeller at 75-80 meters into the abyss. It takes eight hours from Hurghada, meaning a liveaboard is the best option. Location: 20 minutes by boat from Maayafushi Resort Island or Banyan Tree Madivaru.

The Maldives’ incredible cluster of 1,192 paradise islands offers some serious diving opportunities. Famous for being the site of a record-breaking 150-meter free dive (the diver swam this distance using only one breath), this spooky, flooded, freshwater cave goes on for 80 kilometers. Divers often descend at Shark Cave and make their way through a narrow channel between Avatoru and Tiputa islands to face strong currents that whiz along the path.

The main advantage to diving at Tubbataha is that the water is exceptionally clean, so the marine life lives much longer, making it grow to silly proportions.

These two small atoll like reefs in the middle of the ocean offer an inner lagoon with overhangs, slopes, crevices and caves with mor than 300 different types of coral and 379 species of fish. Location: 182 kilometers south of the capital of Palawan, liveaboard trips leave from Puerto Princessa.

From here remember to hold onto your regulator as you enter Silfra Cathedral -- your jaw will drop. Location: Find the entrance in Thingvellir National Park.

It’s got a clear view from one side of the 120-meter lagoon to the other. Take a sip of the water around you, it’s as pure as water gets. Part of the St Lucia Wetland Park, the hard coral systems, accentuated by soft coral under the water’s surface, make Sodwana the scuba capital of South Africa.

You may even spot a few crocodile fish hiding in the sand by the wreck. This spot is what screensavers are made of; and in reality a swim here does actually feel like you’re in a computer game.

Reef sharks will hover above you as schools of bigeye jacks work their way through the strong current. There is nothing quite as exhilarating as swimming next to a whale shark.

Below you’ll find a sizable colony of soft coral and gorgonian sea whips growing in a canyon -- there’s a good chance you’ll see spotted eagle rays, huge tuna, snapper, wrasse and bass and even hawks bill and green turtles too. Divers spend their lives looking for these huge yet gentle beasts that can reach the length of an articulated lorry. Location: Off Khuraburi Island, 14 kilometers east of the Mu Koh Surin marine park.

The electric blue red-toothed triggerfish can reach up to half a meter in size in this spot, while the pyramid butterfly fish, with their yellow outer bodies and white bellies, gather in their hundreds. Sightings in this spot are so regular the locals have called it a "whale magnet." Even if you don’t see a whale shark you’ll still spot myriad pelagic schools of giant trevallies and dogtooth tuna. The surge and current can be strong here, so come prepared, but this means the marine life is directed straight into your path. Location: A one-hour boat ride from Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island.

The chasm leads into a 600-meter cave with off-the-chart visibility.

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