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The problem mentioned in my question is related to Internet Explorer, to be precise, version 11, on Windows 8 and 8.1.

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As detailed at and in a bug report submitted to Oracle on 17 January 2014 we find that all is OK until you agree to Java making changes to your system after installation.

Once you allow the post-installation permission, Java is disabled. That should help someone how needs Java and has admin rights on his/her PC.

seems like a hack but I guess the latest JRE does not handle IPv6 type requests properly Update deploy They are infrequent, so I live with them for the convenience of faster startup times. In the Java Control Panel, under the Security tab, uncheck "Enable Java content in the browser" and Apply it. This worked for me, and I had been struggling with this issue for days.

Our site uses a local copy of deploy Java.js; updating it to the latest copy has fixed this issue in IE11. If you are running Windows 7 64-bit, I would strongly suggest you download the 64-bit Java installer.

Unfortunatelly, we can not force our customers to use certain browser due to the common organizational restrictions about programs usage, etc. I've seen something that is worth to share: I have 2 PCs, both running Windows 8, and both have the latest Java update.

Both had the same problem with Internet Explorer 11.

If Oracle doesn't make the update process less rocky, people won't update.

I've seen many people lately using 2009 versions of JRE 1.6.

After one of them was rebooted, Internet Explorer 11 started to work fine with the latest Java update. How to enable compatibility view in Internet Explorer 11 You can try now if it works or not.

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