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When they both moved back to Colombia, they started fighting more and more about her boyfriend's lack of ambition until they finally broke up.However, they eventually got back together, and everything seemed to be fine until he suddenly started acting rude and distant.

The two hit it off and were "basically dating" for two months. Second, literally nothing terrible happened to warrant this guy ghosting Carrie.

In her own words, "It was all going great until his birthday came around."The thing is, Carrie didn't do or say anything weird on his birthday. My only logical explanation is this dude took too many birthday shots and literally fell off the face of the earth.

Since I've started my column, I've heard some of the craziest ghosting stories.

Here are the top 10 most insane accounts of people being ghosted, ranked: Carrie* met this guy when she was out with her friends for a girls' night. First of all, they were a little past the casual ghosting phase, as they'd been seeing each other for two months.

The couple they were meeting kept changing locations, so Jennifer kept texting Luis to keep him in the loop, only to hear nothing back. At dinner, one of their mutual friends decided to shoot Luis a text and call him out for going MIA.

Luis responded to , apologizing and admitting he got too drunk with his friends, but he never responded to Jennifer again...Basically, she was offered two jobs: an awesome job in the town they currently lived in and another less-awesome job in the Montana town they were moving to.Her boyfriend convinced her to take the awesome job, even though it would mean giving up on their dream of moving to Montana.Welcome to the Ex Games: a content series about love lost.Whether it's the realization things need to end, the act of rejection, the reality of being single, or the resurrection that is moving on, the Ex Games has every stage of a breakup covered., where we delve into the two sides of a break-up story with a new couple each week, and aim to end up somewhere near the truth. The feeling of being left without any closure from someone you trusted — and sometimes even loved — isn't something I would wish upon anyone.After an episode of their favorite TV show, , things started getting steamy.

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