Im dating a virgin

Somehow, by not being with anybody, you’ve turned yourself into even MORE of an object, the shiniest apple at the top of the tree. Wealthy men are always on the lookout for golddiggers, with good reason – they’re often very good at masking their intentions. The second he heard you were untouched, your value to him skyrocketed. He IS going too fast, he DOES seem insincere, and you DON’T want to be objectified because you’re different. I’m not a feminist, but the way I see it that attitude makes commodities out of all women.

And this guy is scrambling to climb it as fast as he can.

It’s like assuming you wanted to be a doctor for your whole life, but learning in med school that you actually hate it. Lest anyone fly off the handle, I’m not saying Effei should go screw a stranger at a bar.

But maybe having sex with the first man she falls in love with BEFORE she gets married would be a decent idea.

Witness Exhibit A who suddenly decided he was in love with you once he learned that you had a hymen.

Frankly, that’s a bit messed up, and I’d be concerned if I were you.

Maybe his girlfriend was less keen on putting out than other girls.

Maybe he was less sure of what to do, so didn’t push it.Others see it as something special and don't want it diluted with several partners or want to marry a virgin and figure if they expect her to be, they should be too.For others, it’s accidental: this guy simply missed the point when everyone else did ‘it’.Maybe he was shy or didn’t find it that easy to get a girlfriend until much later than everyone else.Terrified he’ll embarrass himself, he avoids making any sexual advances at all.Test driving the vehicle before buying it is rarely considered poor etiquette.

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