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2018 Subaru WRX Eyesight Assist Monitor shines small lights on the lower windshield in in front of the driver.

The 4 flashing red lights indicate warning, danger - that an obstacle is detected or pre-collision braking has been activated or etc.closeup of the 2018 WRX Limited with CVT and Eyesight center console with electric parking brake and AVH auto vehicle hold button.

Subaru brand oil is available and recommended New Car 1000 mile break-in period keep RPMs under 4000, vary speeds, avoid hard starts/stops Oil Service requires Synthetic 5w-30 oil Under these or similar conditions, you should check your oil at least every 2nd fuel fill-up and change your engine oil more frequently.

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But if your policy is "the last two major versions" - you're looking at pretty much 100% support.

Remember that icons can be used as a supporting role only, like always accompanied by a word.

The 7" audio is an improvement for the WRX Premium but should have also been on the WRX We need a new silver, preferably a gray tinted silver to replace the current blue tinted ice silver Eyesight, optional on WRX CVT Limited, shuts off too easily, especially when the car slightly fogs up, and since the actual Eyesight lens can't be cleaned, the cameras needs dust protective covers 2018 model destination $860, raised $40 from $820 on 2017 models prices below are MSRP 2018 prices did go up pretty dramatically (WRX Ltd $600, and STI $900) some Option Packages prices did drop, especially on the WRX Limited since pushbutton start in now standard on that model.

Synthetic 5w-30 Synthetic Oil is required for all turbo engines.

If that's the case, support isn't too big of a deal.

If these are stand-alone, and non-display would make the site unusable, that's a big deal.Fabrice Weinberg has created a Grunt plugin called grunt-svgstore that automates this. It's gotta be at the top, sadly, as there is a Chrome bug in which this isn't going to work if defined later. there is more to this story because as I type these words, the theme this very site is using has the icons defined at the bottom of the document and it works. Here's some styling possibilities and a demo of this all at work: See the Pen EBHl D by Chris Coyier (@chriscoyier) on Code Pen.Ico Moon, which is known for producing icon fonts, actually does a fantastic job of producing SVG sprites as well.I probably would go for icon fonts, as the support there is much deeper. Ideally we'd be able to do this: work in some browsers, meaning you could skip the include at the top of the document.Doing it this way means an extra HTTP request, but that means you can utilize caching more efficiently (not bloat document caching).In testing, Jonathan Neal discovered you need to have the xmlns attribute on the His demo now also has a method which makes an Ajax request for the contents and injects that, which allows the fills to work in IE 9. I imagine someday straight up But that's not supported yet either and it's not entirely clear if that's exactly how that will work or not.

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