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There have been many times that men who had some power over my job or career put me in a position that was sexually uncomfortable.

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It was annoying and uncomfortable, but it was normal.

Those guys were in charge, and I wasn't, and I needed my job.

Let's make sure to keep that in." Everyone laughed.

I was uncomfortable, but I felt that I had to play it off and laugh with them.

Even the exotic dancers thought he was wrong for doing that.

One of them told me so in the ladies room and promised to bleed him dry in tips. At least she noticed and tried to do something about it.I've seen women reject sexual advances from bosses and get fired for something ridiculous and seemingly unrelated the following week.I've seen more prominent women claim sexual harassment against politicians, only to be publicly slut-shamed, left with a name that lingered as a punchline for decades, while the accused man continued on his path to success.BEFORE I FOUNDED my theater company in 2001, I was an actress.I also had other jobs, as most of us did then in Houston, and I was sexually harassed in some way at every job I had.Once, when we were alone in the office, he pulled me into his lap and asked if he could see my panties while he pushed his hand up my skirt.

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