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Change is difficult for many and losing someone who was once so important and prioritized to us causes us to have to change our lives. This is the depression component of grieving…losing the hope, the promise, adapting to a new way of life, losing someone who was a permanent fixture, a best friend, a companion.

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Do you feel cheated, betrayed, lied to, or that you wasted your time? A lot of the times I hear people say, “how could I have been so stupid? It’s great to learn from mistakes and it’s okay to be angry with yourself but use that to grow instead of continuing to beat yourself up.

Anger becomes dangerous when we act on our raw emotion or can’t let it go.

However, grief and mourning encompass so much more beyond loss that comes from death.

Loss of a job, autonomy and independence, a pet, a campaign, a rift with a friend or family member and the end of a romantic relationship/divorce are all tremendous losses that in turn come with plenty of grieving and mourning.

When we become vulnerable with another human being, we become more attached.

The promise of someone else truly knowing, loving and accepting of who we are is a recipe for serious attachment. We remember the good times and happiness that will never happen again.

If the relationship is in its early stages and hasn’t had time to really take off, the grief can be centered around the loss of hope.

This person and situation had the promise for so much of our hopes and dreams for the future.

To further explain how to understand grief as it relates to a break-up, I use the stages of denial, anger, depression and acceptance as ways to understand the dynamics of grief at the end of a relationship.

Many times in a relationship, the person we are with represents so much to us.

Being in a relationship often requires the giving of oneself and the investment of one’s emotional energy and time.

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