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A tech from “All Appliance Repair”, came to my house on 7/7/2017 arriving here late in the afternoon after waiting for the appt time between 8am to 12Noon.

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I called a service agent with an additute that told me I had a repair agreement and that I will have to wait to see if they can find my part. Based on this experience and this web site I will never ever purchase anything from them again!!! Started smelling burning plastic, called customer service, told them about the smell, we were told “we don’t come out for smells”. Called the next day was told again ” we don’t come out for smells”. Called Apex we were told by them that because of snow they could not come out for 7-10 days, Have you ever tried living out of coolers for 7-10 days?

’ Reply Me and my Fiancé bought a Samsung Smart TV from the Savannah location not even a full month ago. Although I think it may be too late to warn people since most stores are closing. I called customer service back and they said that the reimbursement department would reimburse us our money for another company to fix our fridge.

The floor was barely uneven, we fix that and we unplug the refrigerator for 12hours and the refrigerator still remain the same.

I cannot put down what this man told me to do, but if you are interested give me a reply to this email.

Reply I purchased a high end LG refrgerator 2 years ago. Parts are in short supply and in some cases have waited for 2 weeks for repair due to parts not being available, poor phone customer service…they have no clue as to how to help with an authorized repair company, by not indicating the issue with the refrigerator, when it was given to them in detail in a phone conversation…

Even the repair company said that LG was the poorest supplier with whom they work for providing parts in a timely manner.

We were told we had a month to come back and pick it up and when we went to pick up the TV, they sold our TV to someone else. Thats not fair, they should not have been able to sale a TV that was already purchased in your system. We were told by this company that the control board burned up and that is what the smell was.

Now we are having a hard time trying to get our money back. Long story short, the fridge is working however, the smell of plastic is still in the fridge because where the control board was located is up inside of the fridge, so the smell will never come out of the fridge.

To be honest every time I asked for support with one of their lousy appliances I got great service. I waited 6 weeks just to get a tech to visit my house!

Finally I was told that the part was not available! I have purchased a stove, small appliances, a dryer and a dishwasher from them. This time we were told to contact a company that would arrange coming out to our home to fix it.

Warrentect apparently only has a couple people to answer phones & don’t seem to care if they help or not as they do not answer their phones.

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