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Glass behind a radio micr Glass bottom Glass component Glass cookware brand Glass cover Glass eels Glass finish Glass fitter Glass for alcohol preferably filled by taps Glass house, of sorts Glass in a medicine cabin Glass ingredient Glass marble Glass marbles Glass of "This American LGlass of public radio Glass on a radio Glass or Gershwin Glass part Glass piece Glass production Glass shooter Glass splinter Glass substitute Glass top Glass tube filler Glass tube for measuring liquids Glass utility houses slow section Glass work Glass ___Glass-encased item in "Be Glass-enclosed porches Glass-polishing powder Glass-___ Currency Act, 1Glass: Fr. Gwyneth Paltrow title rol Gwynne's co-star on "The Gyllenhaal of "Love & Oth Gym amenities Gym amenity Gym apparatus Gym backs wearing different attire following cold snap Gym bag items Gym bag stuff Gym class Gym class exercises Gym class set to music Gym classes Gym count Gym displays Gym equipment Gym exercise Gym exercises Gym game Gym garb Gym gear Gym gear: Abbr.

Give the business Give the cold shoulder Give the cook a break, ma Give the coup de gr Give the evil eye to Give the eye Give the flavor of Give the gas Give the giggles Give the go-ahead Give the green light Give the heave-ho Give the look to Give the nod Give the O. Give the once-over Give the slip Give the slip to Give the third degree Give the twice-over? Guaranteed Guaranteed to get Guaranteed to happen Guaranteed to make teacher look silly about oxygen Guaranteed to succeed Guaranteed to work Guaranteeing Guarantees Guarantees that mean noth Guarantor of many bank lo Guard Guard against drifting Guard dog's greeting Guard dog, e.g.

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Giuseppe ___ a k a Pope PGiuseppe's God Give Give (out)Give (to charity)Give 10% to one's church Give 100%Give 32 to the new clairvoyant? Give a bad name Give a benediction Give a benediction to Give a bit Give a black eye Give a body check Give a body check?

branch Gits in a scrap (with)Giuliani adversary, once Giuliani, e.g.

Give a handicap of Give a hard time Give a hard time, slangil Give a heads-up Give a hint Give a hoot Give a job to Give a keynote Give a leg up Give a lewd look Give a licking Give a lift Give a line to Give a little Give a little push Give a little, take a lit Give a longing look Give a look that could ki Give a majority of the vo Give a makeover Give a mighty blow Give a name badge, say Give a name to first-class city of Arabia Give a new name to brand leader?

Give a boost to Give a Bronx cheer Give a buzz Give a card hand Give a cheer in rapture Give a come-hither look Give a damn? Give a detailed account Give a detailed account of Give a do to Give a face-lift Give a false alarm Give a free pass Give a glowing review Give a good rubdown Give a grand speech Give a greeting Give a hand Give a hand?

Girl father married Girl following a lot of wrestling in a 19Girl following music group may be spotted Girl from uncle?

Girl came in to study the weapon Girl carrying builder's tool to terminal, alternatively Girl carrying Republican papers for 24 hours Girl catching banal ceremony before the end Girl charmed knight away Girl close to granny's heart Girl comes back with something useful Girl describing a run or a martial art Girl ditching American I encountered in South of France Girl eager to claim unusual hat left behind Girl eating a little cottage cheese Girl eats dace cooked in college Girl embraced by parents in TV programme Girl entering Lady Stoneheart’s house Girl evidently one of my solutions?

Giving a little lip Giving a pink slip Giving affection in bed Giving an award to the wr Giving birth Giving birth — it may be done in a van Giving for free Giving fresh life to Giving full particulars of a notable achievement involving the weaker batsmen Giving goosebumps Giving great service? Giving it 110%, so to spe Giving medical aid to Giving medical treatment to stray pet held Giving new youth to Giving nothing away, in a Giving off light Giving orders Giving pain Giving people Giving plants a drink Giving speech terrible review? Guinness, for one Guisado cooker Guise Guitar accessory Guitar attachment Guitar attachment? Gulf war weapon Gulf war weaponry Gulf war weapons Gulf ___Gulfs Gulfweed Gulfweeds Gull Gull relative Gull relatives Gull's call follows second diver Gull's cry Gull's kin Gull-like Gull-like bird Gull-like predator Gull-like predators Gullet Gullets Gullibility Gullible Gullible one Gullible ones Gullible person Gullible sorts Gulliver Gulliver in Lilliput, e.g Gulliver of "Gulliver's TGulliver's creator Gully Gully that's usually dry Gullywasher Gullywashers Gulp Gulp from a bottle Gulp from a flask Gulp of liquor Gulped Gulped down Gulps down Gum Gum arabic tree Gum arabic-yielding tree Gum choice Gum flavor Gum globs Gum holders Gum predecessor Gum site Gum ___Gum-producing plant Gumball cost, once Gumball machine feature Gumbel's "Today" successo Gumbo Gumbo dishes Gumbo flavorer Gumbo ingredient Gumbo plant Gumbo pod Gumbo pods Gumbo staple Gumbo thickener Gumbo vegetable Gumbo vegetables Gumbo veggie Gummed flap Gump of the comics Gumps Gumption Gumshoe Gumshoe Archer Gumshoe Pinkerton Gumshoes Gun Gun an engine Gun attachment Gun barrel cleaner Gun blast Gun dealer's stock Gun dog Gun emplacements Gun enthusiast's grp. Guru Guru followers Guru residences Guru's goal Guru's hangout Guru's title Gurus Gus Kahn song "The ___ Lo Gus Van Sant film "___ Fo Gus who wrote the words t Gus ___, "Ain't We Got Fu Gush Gush (over) ... He bounces back nearly Gutter locale Gutter location Gutter neighbor Gutter site Guttersnipe Guttural refusal Guy Guy about to propose, turning down starter Guy acquires girl's phone Guy almost rented holiday home Guy behind delivery?

Gives some lip Gives someone a hand Gives someone the slip Gives succor to Gives teams a short break Gives the boot Gives the boot to Gives the brushoff, maybe Gives the cold shoulder Gives the coup de gr Gives the double OGives the double-OGives the gas Gives the gate Gives the go-ahead Gives the green light Gives the heave-ho Gives the impression Gives the nod Gives the nod to Gives the oath Gives the oath of office, Gives the once-over Gives the slip Gives the third degree Gives the thumbs-up Gives under pressure Gives up Gives up bitter? Gives up office from basic date Gives up on Gives up responsibility Gives up the fight Gives up, in a way Gives way Gives way suddenly Gives way to rage Gives wide berth to Gives with confidence Gives workers pointers Gives zero stars to Gives, as homework Gives, old-style Givin' name to waxy substance Giving Giving a hoot? Guinness measure Guinness of "Star Wars"Guinness of stage and scr Guinness or Baldwin Guinness or Waugh Guinness orders Guinness specialty Guinness suffix Guinness superlative Guinness who played Obi-WGuinness who was knighted Guinness's "most fearless Guinness, e.g. Sounds like the opposite Guns N' Roses music Guns poorly sited in channel Guns raised, when animal being hunted appears Guns the engine Guns' partner Guns, as a motor Guns, as an engine Guns, in a way Gunshot scattered ducks Gunslinger's command Gunslinger's cry Gunslinger's mark Gunsmith Gunsmith Remington Gunsmiths will add it to their stocks Gunwale attachment Gunwale pin Gurgled, as a river Gurkha conquest of 1768Gurkha or Sherpa Gurkha's home Gurkha's land Gurkha, e.g. Gut feeling Gut feeling regularly affected by this Gut feeling? Gut-churning gas, heading to dunny a lot Gut-level Gutenberg's invention Guthrie and others Guthrie at Woodstock Guthrie the younger Guthrie who sang "Alice's Guthrie who sang "The Cit Guthrie who sang about Al Guthrie who sang at Woods Guthrie with a guitar Guthrie's follower at Woo Gutless Gutless academic locks women in theatre Guts Guts of Octavius robed in underwear and fleece - that's recklessly courageous Gutsy piece by company performing around London's West End Gutted Gutted co-op boss?

Gives rise to Gives safety information Gives some air time? Guilty, in a legal phrase Guinea pig, in a way Guinea pigs and kin Guinea pigs, hamsters etc Guinea pigs, maybe Guinea ___Guinea's neighbor to the Guinevere to Lancelot? Guinness adjective Guinness and Baldwin Guinness and others Guinness Book suffix Guinness Book weather rec Guinness ending Guinness entry Guinness et al. Gun holder Gun in an action film Gun in the garage? Gunpowder, for one Guns Guns an engine Guns and ammunition Guns and rifles initially piled up, brought in formerly Guns for wars?

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