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1958 he put out an enormous seller, a moped with 50 cc engine. Very much depending of that he never let a bad construction leave the works. This Honda 750 four in Surahammar MC museum is a motorcycle that made the world astonished and did completely outclass the English mc industry. The original founder for this mark is Torakusu Yamaha.

He founded Yamaha Corporation and lived between 1851-1906 and had specialized on music instruments.

Further there are about 50 mopeds and early high roller cycles from the beginning of 19 th century.

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Vincent won lots of victories and dominated the race tracks.

Although people bought less motorcycles and the economy became bad. He developed several successful types of airplanes.

Among, they made the first 2-stroke with indirect lubrication and rotation valve called YPVS.

They did great success with their 50 cc model, which was sold in thousands foremost in Asia.

The need on the market was almost impossibly to satisfy.

Suzuki followed the same ideology to get its name known.

They could do that because Germany had established planned economy. He worked at home in his father's garage for bicycles and motorcycles.

By this reason he was one of the first that started with airplane production 1955 on license for an American fighter F104 Starfighter. Those who want to read more search my links or on the internet. He realized, after the WWII, that people needed transportation vehicles and bought one stock of surplus mc engines. When he got his partner Fujisawa, who also had the knowledge how to handle finances, they succeeded to roll the company through the difficult years after the war.

He had decided to become a motorcycle manufacturer.

1927 he was ready with his first cycle equipped with a 350 cc MAG engine.

Motor cycle manufacturing was not started until 1955.

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