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She did glance up and saw two women looking aghast as she stood back up and handed her knickers to Vanessa and felt really humiliated when she saw Vanessa turn to the two women."She wet them, I'm afraid," Vanessa said in an apologetic-sounding tone.Sarah felt herself blush a deep red as she brushed down her dress hem and certainly felt uncomfortable as she followed Vanessa along the pavement.

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She heard one of the women say to the other, "She didn't seem young enough to wet her knickers, but it must be so embarrassing for her, poor thing.""Too right," came the heartfelt reply from the other woman.

Sarah could not stop herself smiling as she thought again how sexy Vanessa was in her dominant persona and reckoned she could get even more dominant during the 'Bridge' evening.

Tongue sex with the sixteen-year-old sounded okay to Sarah.

She thought that after she had tongue sex with Vanessa, she would be spanked by one of the older women.

Sarah had been looking forward to the monthly "Bridge" evening.

She loved to be humiliated in front of others and on these evenings there was humiliation in abundance.'Bridge' wasn't played of course, but instead, there were normally ten or twelve mainly women split between those who were natural doms and those who were natural submissives. You could stick to the partner you went with, or the submissive could be passed around to various doms who could do with them what they wanted. Sarah loved on these evenings to be given to the older women who were her mum's age or even her grandma's age and given a bare bottomed spanking paddling and strapping.Sarah loved to be dealt with like a child by someone much older than herself who would give her a maternal discipline spanking and then passed on to the next woman to be dealt with.If she had to take off her knickers now, then several of those people would see her do it, and most likely some would get a good view of her pussy as she stepped out of her knickers.However, she was quite taken by the dominant attitude of Vanessa and taking a deep breath slipped her hands under the hem of her dress and inside the elastic of her knickers and pushing downwards stepped out of her knickers as quickly as she could.Vanessa continued, "Anyway, that means you won't be needing your knickers so take them off and hand them to me for safe-keeping please."Sarah smiled at Vanessa and liked the idea of being knickerless and said with a smile, "I'll get them off as soon as we get to the house."Vanessa had a wicked smile when she ordered, "No Sarah.

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