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I have been dressing now for almost 6 years and I can’t believe it’s been that long. I have never ever had an issue or been worried and concerned over my transformation into Natasha. And something that feels this crazy wonderful is simply way too good to be ignored.

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I have long legs and one very cute bottom, which appears to become public property when out in clubs.

I walk like a hooker on a catwalk in my heels and can work a pole like the number one girl in a Pattaya brothel.

Making mistakes along the way and trying to be brave and pretend I’m a tough little survivor when in fact I’m still too naïve and young to be out at night.

I can be found relentlessly brushing my hair, fluttering my lashes, adjusting my pointless barely there micro mini and straightening my pretty lacy blouse whilst sipping my wine in most London TV venues. Think Lolita, a tempting teen way too impatient for adult hood.

I’m part Thai on my mum’s side (My grannie is Thai).

I speak some Thai and can converse with my Thai sisters in the T girl clubs.

I’m 5’7” without heels, have long straight black hair down to my perky lil bum.

I have a pretty face with good skin and fluttering eyes.

It makes you feel so alive and for sure is the walk on the wild side that many of us crave!!

I have a sense of humour; a great imagination and can hold a conversation.

I have been told by others on this wonderful site that I'm a good writer too....yay!

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