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"People should sacrifice young virgins on your altars." "Virgins suck. Oh, here comes one right now." One of the gym young instructors came over to their spot and Alice smile changed in a second from smug to the one you have on when you checkout that big cake in the Bimbo Bakery, the one that costs half your salary and has enough chocolate to cause diabetes. Charmed." Alice, who was lying across a weight lifting bench, dropped a dumbbell and shook his hand from her awkward position. But why don't we get together later for some one on one hardcore pumping training?

"Hi," the instructor said to Alice, "you're doing it all wrong, Miss." He wore a black singlet which left nothing to imagination about the nice shape of his pumped up biceps. "You should keep both hands straight -- " Arik was the kind who demonstrated when they talked. " Arik's shade went a few levels towards tomato hue.

She knew what she needed to do in order to appease it but she had as much chance of waking Dan for a Happy Happy as Ahmadinejad had chance of getting a Nobel Peace Prize.

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"Tell me you didn't." "Ok, I didn't." Alice's face was a raccoon mask of smugness. Well, the image alone made her feel itchy on the spinning bike. The poor sod was eager as a starved dog from all the action he was missing in the back sit." Ana felt the heat going up her breasts and a familiar wetness forming down below, where her crotch was mashed against the hard seat. "Go on." "I tell you sis, a threesome is something else. With one guy it's usually, I'll scratch yours you'll blow mine sort of thing. Steve would lick my ear and Andy went and licked the soles of my feet. Andy sure has a giraffe tongue, he reached some places I didn't know I had." "Sis, you're wicked." "I have all the fun you mean. "I would say something but I'm speechless." "Ok." Alice dropped the dumbbells and started stretching. I was as close to heaven as I'll ever be, considering where I'm going once I kick the bucket -- which I hope would happen during a threesome, by the way. "I think it's time for a little change of roles, sis." Alice said. Dan is too tired during the week so we have an unwritten agreement that sex is scheduled on weekends." "Tired of what exactly?

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"He was all over me the second we were in that car. He put me on his lap, wanted to penetrate there and then." "God." "I'm pretty sure he wasn't in that car. Little streams picking up, intertwining into a big river. They kept going so slowly..." The dam broke and the orgasm washed over Ana. " "Yeah, let's hear one of yours." "One of mine what?

" "Yeah, don't interrupt." Alice closed her eyes, fondling a happy memory. You can even tell them last place gets a million dollars compensation, it won't make a difference." Ana was breathing real hard and she could feel the familiar butterflies of lust flowering and flowing from her vagina. " "I did, I came three times so hard, must have broken a Guinness record. Mom and Dad bought you the house before you even met him, so it stays yours. I should know, third time took me a week." "I'm not divorcing Dan. " "Christ, you don't throw marriage away on a whim. "A single fashion show doesn't make me an ex-model." "You could have been. But you chose law-school, I chose Paris." "That was eighteen years and two childbirths ago, I was twenty." Alice placed two fingers in her mouth and whistled. "We went to my place." Alice grunted and pushed the six pound dumbbells with little enthusiasm. Whom did you choose to take home with you, Andy or Steven? I don't get it." "No, I didn't choose." Alice grunted again. "You said neither of them was willing to back down and- Oh..." Ana eyes widened when banal truth finally went beyond dot connecting. " "Sure glad it didn't stop me." "Wow." Ana sank into silence as she tried imagining Alice hugging one handsome stranger at each side, floating out of a club, entering a cab on their way to... Andy grabbed my arm and literally threw me out of the car. It's like you're the queen of your goddamn fantasy castle. Steve up front and Andy punched the starfish." Ana felt the crimson haze climbing up from her breast to her neck. Imagine being hugged real tight by two extra crispy gym addicts. Both kissing you, both whispering in your ears that you're driving them crazy and whatnot. "It's not something you wanna practice every day, I guess, but I tell you sis. Threesome are awesome." Ana tried to nod, hoping she looked convincing. I'm the tight ass married with kids." "I know." Alice sat up on the bench and gave her bigger sister a slow check out, from Ana's sweaty brow to her legs that were still spinning, but at a much more relaxed rate. She let the towel she had on her shoulders, as if unintentionally, fall down and cover her front. They're old and they smell and if you need to take a shower later, well, Yuk." "Wait, wait. Anyways we somehow got to my building with our clothes still on. Samuel parking space, because nothing turns me on better than being mean to the grumpy witch. She closed her eyes and tried to hold it all together. She bit her lip hard, allowing only a tiny whimper escape. Ana stared at her cross eyed and short of breath for a few seconds before she managed a semi coherent answer. " "Hot beef injection stories." "You're the free spirited Samantha Jones type. She wanted to do laps, but Dan hadn't clean their swimming pool yet, despite her asking him several times this week. She put on an undershirt bra, went outside and ran seven miles on the treadmill.Why do you think we favor amateur porn and like collecting it on our website?!

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