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Another issue is that the number of legal values might be extremely large. NET doesn’t expose a property to disable event validation for a single control – this would be a nice feature to have.However, if we create a custom control and leave off the Supports Event Validation attribute, we’ll effectively disable event validation for instances of that class. I have an AJAX postcode finder that has just fallen over. I was having this problem with some AJAX stuff that places two input texts and submit button in a div container.

If that is the case you'll have to disable event validation for the page, or derive a new control from Drop Down List like in the example above, but leave off the Supports Event Validation argument.

thanks for your patience btw :) and sorry for my poor english.values are coming from a database according to the number of Image Button clicked.

My postback validation pass but event validation fails miserably.

I have disabled the event validation in the This page, as well as part I, made a perplexing problem very clear and provided a good solution.

If the user selected the 4th option and posted the form to the server, the server would throw an exception because it didn’t know “4” was a legal value. NET know the value “4” is legal with the Register For Event Validation method of the Client Script Manager class.

Register For Event Validation must be called during the rendering phase, so we need to override a Render method.I'm still getting the idea of how to use this Register For Event Validation when you have controls that are built on runtime and are populated dynamically! You are populating the list with values using javascript, but you don't know what the possible values will be?the above example is when you know the items of the dropdownlist .. Are the values coming from stuff the user types into the web page?In our example, we knew we only had one additional legal value – the value “4”.We need to call Register For Event Validation for every legal value the control might postback.We could start by overriding the Render method of our web form.

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