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Beyond your own feelings or your partner's, you may worry about your children, extended family, mutual friends, investments, home and pets.

Rather than face the fallout and pain of a failed partnership, you would like to get your relationship back on track and experience the best connection possible.

Communication skills are needed to untangle current disagreements, prevent future misunderstandings, and to develop as well as deepen emotional intimacy.

Are you looking to bridge the gaps and find some common ground?

If you are hoping for more than couples communication workshops might offer - for customized support with emotional issues that drive miscommunication, please contact me.

Marriage counsellors help with communication skills while getting to the root of relationship issues.

If you would like to gain relational and communication skills vital to enhancing the quality of your partnership and life, please email me.

Scroll down to learn more about communication skills, relationships, the couples therapy process and pre marriage counselling.Partners try to be heard in the best ways they each know how.One person might anxiously pursue with criticisms, demands and pleas. In this dynamic each person's basic beliefs - about themself and about their partner - get triggered. As long as this cycle continues, emotional intimacy is side-stepped.Couples counsellors help partners: 1) recognize when they are beginning to disconnect and 2) find ways to reach, respond and reconnect.Key relationship questions: Couples counselling in Toronto - communication skills: Couples complain they repeatedly argue about the same things.Couples therapy and marriage counselling helps partners use their differences as opportunities for growth and connection.

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