Disillusioned with online dating

Rather than risk taking pot luck online, chief executives, entertainers and politicians are among those paying thousands of dollars to matchmakers to discreetly “headhunt” and vet the perfect partner.

“In the old days you had your extended family, or in some societies an actual matchmaker, trying to find someone for you,” said dating expert Mary Balfour.

I have emotional trauma related to my marriage and divorce. When my negative self-talk takes over like the worst radio show ever, it's easy to convince myself that no guy on the planet would want to be with me.

I had a cold and thought I was off the hook with the germs and all, but my date lumbered into a hug and went for a surprise kiss.

It was like kissing a really enthusiastic golden retriever.

When I go on dates, I don't have to think about the potential of starting a family. (Considering my superpower is over thinking things from the very start.) I'm happy to say that on the bright side, I've had far better dates than the one that ended in a tragic first kiss.

Dating as a single mom might be more complicated than I ever imagined, but it's still an adventure.

“Nowadays people have a personal matchmaker in the same way they would have a personal trainer,” she said at her Drawing Down the Moon agency in London’s Adam and Eve Mews.

The stigma of online dating has waned since Internet dating sites sent thunderbolts flying in the world of romance and revolutionized the way people found partners.

Now that dating is my reality, the luster has already worn off.

When I was married, I'd ask my single friends all about their dating lives. If I saw a hot guy at a bar I'd say, "Go talk to him!

If anything, I'm collecting some pretty great stories.

LONDON (Reuters) - Online daters, disappointed by potential partners lying about their age, weight or marital status, are turning to professional matchmakers to find love.

Plus, deep down I think what scares me the most is the idea of falling for a guy.

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