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Rosensteil purchased the brand and had obviously run out of the juice by the time this bottle was filled.

Schenley shifted production of Gibson's up to Canada after Repeal, and Gibson's remains one of the major brands of Canadian whisky to this day.

Here he shares a quick summertime drink idea, called a Scotch Blossom: 2 ounces of Scotch, 1 ounce of honey simple syrup, 1 ounce of lime juice, 4 to 8 mint leaves, and ice. This salad is the antidote to an indulgent, holiday food hangover.

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The decanter is blue glass - so there's no lead risk. This bourbon is should be a rich with that mid-century heavy vanilla and brown-sugar loaded sweetness and that characteristic Jim Beam "funk" (which some people tastes like a barn smells - and other people say is "earthy").

This is a classic case of a historic American distillery which is still in major production.

2 - and sure enough - the back label on this bottle says that whiskey from Stewart Distillery, Baltimore was "bottled for" Gibson Distilling Co.

of Brownsville, PA (the heart of the Monongahela region), at Schenley's concentration warehouse. Gibson's was a classic pre-Prohibition high-rye mash bill "red" Mongahela valley rye.

We used to like it for its light, almost sweet, very smooth flavor, without a lot of iodine notes. If we're right, it seems pretty shocking to me to change a long-standing blend recipe such that a layman like me really notices the difference.

Now it tastes and smells far more like iodine, to both of us. Michael Cecconi is the former mixologist at New York’s Back Forty; he's currently the head bartender at San Francisco's Two Sisters Bar and Books, and teaches at the Institute of Culinary Education.

There will be contemporary Beam and Wild Turkey so you can taste vanished expressions against today's head to head.

The ways that these flavor signatures have changed will be one of my topics.

This darling Santa Claus-inspired cake is sure to be a hit at any holiday party.

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