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Listen to the series By age 23, Katie Davis Majors had become the mother to 13 adopted daughters.

Majors tells how God surprised her with her husband, Benji, and reveals what God has shown her while walking through pain a...

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Listen to the series As a child, Amy Peterson read tales of brave missionaries and longed to serve God in an extraordinary way, too.

Peterson tells how she tried to satisfy her sense of wanderlust by serving as a teacher ...

The articles are concise solid bible teaching that I hope will help you find your way through the sexual maze. Why the Need for Pre-marital Counseling God says, My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6a).

The approach is simply "what the Scriptures say about X" in a fairly plain fashion. We also have the wise words of Solomon on the importance of counseling, Without counsel purposes are disappointed (or frustrated): but in the multitude of counselors they are established (Proverbs ).Weekend Class, January 26-28 Circle of Two is a weekend seminar on Christian marriage and how to build a great married relationship. Do you have questions about our tradition that you are too afraid to ask?It is open to couples in all stages of relationship: married, engaged, or seriously dating. Get your questions answered about the history and meaning of how we worship Christ during Holy Communion.Study the Bible with devotions from learn what says. Days Praise “the lord good those who wait hopefully expectantly him, him.Moments Together devotional couples Dennis Barbara Rainey elite video.Com if you are curious, searching and looking for purpose here.

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