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If you can't think of anything then genuinely make something up (ideally something that makes you look like a guy who thinks before he speaks). These compliments have a low probability of success even if you phrase them politely.For example, “might I say your breasts are looking fine this evening” probably won't work, even though it's a step up from "nice cans".

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Some dudes are Casanovas others are pretty terrible when it comes to talking and acting around the opposite sex.

If you are going to compliment a girl don’t just do the standard “I like your hair” or "nice dress" unless you mean it.

Pick something about her that you genuinely like before you compliment.

In our society, women tend to be more attracted to males who show confidence & power. The good news is that the right clothing & style can give you a real boost.

If you've got a good body, don't be afraid to show it off with well-tailored clothing.

If you err on the side of terrible you may have found yourself searching around the internet for tips that can give you a better pick-up game.

Whether you are meeting for the first time or going on a date with someone you met the week before, pre-date bathing is super important.

First dates and early encounters are a perfect time to get to know one another and listening is the only way you’ll find out who that person really is beyond any physical attraction.

If your mind strays when she tells you stories that reveal her to be superficial, disloyal, money grubbing or bitchy then you're left with just what your Johnson says and he isn't that fussy or concerned with your long term mental health.

Are you tired of swiping right and getting nowhere?

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