Dating your preacher

The show opens with extremely graphic Jesus s-x scene and closes with an inbred Messiah. For starters, you can be assured with a TV-MA rating, it is not appropriate for television.

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The conversations end with “cool” and “chill.” This disrespectful program mocking Jesus and the Christian faith has now gone too far.

AMC has crossed a line in misleading viewers about Jesus Christ, but would never in a million years air a show that defamed Muhammad in a similar fashion for fear of instant and violent reprisals.

The sacrilegious program mocks Christianity and ridicules people of faith.

This dark show can make believers sick to their stomachs with the blasphemous content.

There, Janet Huckabee, 52, has long been known as a straight-talking, independent-minded good ole gal with a daredevil streak and a passion for the outdoors.

Dubbed the "First Tomboy" when her husband was governor, she tracked bears, hunted rattlesnakes, fired a grenade launcher and jumped out of an airplane.

"He took care of me, helped me learn to walk again, took me daily for six weeks to radiation therapy." (She recovered and eventually had three children.) When Mike was a student at Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, he began pastoring at the first of several churches.

Janet played the role of dutiful minister's wife—but with her own twist, frequently taking off on hikes with youth groups.

They married at 18, only to discover two years later that she had spinal cancer and faced the possibility of ending up paralyzed and unable to bear children.

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