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As gary said, drink lots of water and walk soon and as much as you can get yourself to do it. It was never noticed until I was doubled over in pain and peeing out blood faster than a couple college kids draining a keg.

Todd's experience does sound like sloppy doctoring to me. Mine being chromophobe - the most indolent form - it reached 9 cm before I got the first frank haematuria by which time it was already incurable by any means known to medical science so far (so says the leading expert, Dr. ) Mine gave the appearance of having cleared up but my GP continued to test samples and even when they appeared clear he said they had "just as much blood" as when obviously red-brown - i.e.

What to expect as I have been told that a partial nephrectomy will be done soon. Normally they would do a CT scan with contrast next to get a good look at it. Two things to remember for an easier recovery are walking and water.

We are trying to remain positive, as there are a lot of unknowns for the next few weeks, but i Can’t really find a whole lot of information on what risk a Septate uterus actually causes and how worried I should be…

the only thing I found is a wiki article that says some study indicated women with this condition were 60% likely to have a “spontaneous abortion” but that was later proven untrue.

All of us who have been members of the club have had it. You will get a good idea from the other posts about the surgery and recovery.

The surgery is not fun and there is no way I can sugar coat it.

Cysts are quite common in people over the age of 50. procedure you can plan on 2 to 4 days in the hospital and a couple weeks down time afterwards before you feel like doing much.

It turned out to be clear cell RCC (renal cell carcinoma) and the tumor was stage 3a. I think the term mass is more accurate until they figure out what it is. Everyone is different as far as recovery and healing goes, but if you have a lap.

Does a few month make a difference in size and diagnosis? Consider yourself very lucky at this point because the surgery alone will likely be the only treatment ever required.

Icemantoo Hi mkf, Yes, at 3mm it would be about the size of a BB and unlikely to even be seen, 3cm is a little over an inch, quite a difference but still considered to be very small as far as tumors are concerned.

They will probably confirm the diagnosis with a CT.

Usually under 4 cm bodes well for a complete recoovery from the surgery alone.

The doc said it hasnt grown significantly so he will check again in 6ths. Hi guys, I was diagnosed with a complex renal cyst classified as Bosnial IIF in year 2010. I've made some research about Vitamin B17 most in "Apricot Seed", anybody had tried this method to cure cyst or cancer?

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