Dating using numerology

Number nine is predisposed for art, music and literature.

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Number five is characterised by strong confusion and the conviction of always being right.

They can expect unstable levels of intimacy and their emotions invade their daily life.

Important friendships will help them affirm themselves in their social life, an area where they will become the boss.

In general, number nine must keep his her futile spending under control and the financial side in general.

From the dawn of time, man has used numbers to better interpret the world around him.

Numerology and numbers are based on the belief that the name you received at the time of your birth coupled with the date, month and year, influence your character, determining what will happen in your life.They will manage to fulfil themselves at work, slowly but surely.They will come across initial difficulties in relationships but these will be successfully overcome.Number eight is characterised by the fact that he or she always manages to overcome daily problems with great serenity. They are not instinctive in general but bad moods could lead to contrary effects.This may not be seen in a good light by others and he or she may be criticised for his or her attitude.In general number five is prone to worry, but, when necessary, can control himself or herself.

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