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Isotope numbers refer to the combined number of protons and neutrons.

Carbon 12, for example, has six protons and six neutrons while radioactive carbon 14 has six protons and eight neutrons.

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The geomagnetic polarity timescale method is useful in measuring minerals between 780,000 and 200 million years old in places where there are no volcanic deposits are formed.

This method dates objects by measuring the periodic reversals of the north and south magnetic poles, which have occurred at known times and rates.

They include amino acid racemization, useful in measuring shells and other bicarbonates between 500 and 300,000 years old, and obsidian hydration, used to measure natural glass between 500 to 200,000 years old.

These methods are not so useful in measuring the age of fossils and bones but they are useful in measuring the age of objects such as beads and shellfish eaten as food found with fossils and bones.

Carbon 14 for example has a half life of 5,730 years.

This means that after 5,730 years the amount of carbon 14 in an object is reduced by half.

In analyzing the other fossils found around the newly discovered hominid bones.

Many fossils of the other creatures, such as ancient elephants and rhinos, have been dated before at other locations using the volcanic ash, potassium-argon method described above.

The uranium-lead method is useful in measuring minerals between 1 million and 4.5 billion years old.

It dates a mineral by measuring the ratio of amount of uranium and lead produced by the decay of uranium.

If dated fossil are found near the hominid bones it can be said that both species lived around the same time, and hence the homonids samples can be dated. t very good for very old specimens; fossils were often found with no volcanic deposits present; and the use of other fossils such as ancient hyenas or antelope wasn’t always so reliable for pinpoint dating because the animals often they lived for a long time on the evolutionary timeline.

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