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Looking for the best spots to take photos in Halifax?

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These struggles hit too close to home during World War I, when a French munitions ship exploded after colliding with a Belgian relief ship.

The Halifax Explosion, the largest man-made explosion until the nuclear bomb, killed 2,000 and injuring another 9,000.

and has been negotiating APPs directly with individual physicians." "In these instances, either unapproved APP contracts were used, or simply a funding letter with attached performance deliverables and no written contract at all," said Doctors Nova Scotia.

Doctors Nova Scotia CEO Nancy Mac Cready-Williams said the lawsuit might scare off doctors thinking about coming to the province.

But don’t worry if you get lost in time or place, it’s easy to re-orient yourself here.

Just look for the Halifax Citadel, the massive, star-shaped fortress carved into the huge hill in the middle of the city. 9, 2016, states the group is the sole bargaining agent for physicians in the province.That includes jurisdiction over alternative payment plans (APP) that have been granted to some general practitioners, nurse practitioners, family doctors, anesthesiologists and obstetricians and gynecologists.APP is an alternative to fee-for-service compensation and can include a salary.In court documents, the group alleges the Nova Scotia government has "ceased using the APP contract templates …As for negotiating behind the organization's back and directly with physicians, the group said in court papers it would supply proof in due course to back up its claim.

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