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We are committed to providing you the easiest way possible to meet great Christian Singles in San Antonio.

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Christian Singles need to understand that online dating websites may not be the panacea that some people make it out to be and that there are other options out there beyond online dating.

Not surprisingly, Churches and church groups are another option for Texans.

Studies show that over 90% of men and women lie on their online profiles in some capacity.

Online dating can also be a lot of work and a recent report from the Harvard Business School showed that it takes over 7 hours of work to get one hour of dates from the average online dating site.

"As a female, I find that in San Antonio, most men are interested in all girls who, honestly, look exactly the same.

Date somebdy you've never dated before, whose interests you once found "odd", because it gives you something to look forward to and learn about.

We will review your information and if you meet their criteria, we will pass on your contact information to them so they can arrange for a no-risk consultation.

It is fun and easy, convenient to the San Antonio metro area and there is no obligation.

They work with Christian singles of all backgrounds including 40 something and 50 something singles, single Seniors, single parents, and busy professionals with no time to date.

It is just a great way to meet people you might not normally meet on your own through internet dating websites, church groups, or through friends.

Thankfully, the solution for dating great Christian singles in San Antonio is right in front of you.

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