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“It makes the match-up ceremonies even more stake-filled.

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However, when comparing “Are You The One” to other reality dating shows, both execs say the MTV love-fest is successful, in terms of finding real relationships, which they attribute to the overall understanding of how people date today.

“I think that millennial generations look at dating differently — in their own way.

The dating competition, which houses twenty 20-somethings under the same roof, in hopes that they find their “perfect match” all while $1 million is on the line, brings yet another new game addition to Season 3: the “blackout” — and that’s not referring to the contestants’ alcohol-induced state of minds.

The blackout penalty results when the group completely strikes out at a match-up ceremony, which occurs at the end of each episode.

“In the history of the show, there is a very consistent debate about love and money.

The blackout penalty only exponentially increases that,” he says.This cast also really kind of bucked up against the process, which I think, is going to be fun for the audience.It’s a very relatable cast in that regard — they don’t just completely surrender to everything that’s in front of them.The great thing with ‘AYTO’ is that in a few different ways, it’s completely embraces how they look at dating.Dating and technology, for millennials, is very integrated,” La Plante notes, drawing a comparison to the algorithmic match-making on their show.In your early 20s, there’s a lot of love, lust and alcohol — that’s kind of what they’re doing in real life. How’s the cast this season, in comparison to past seasons?

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