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Wearing sunglasses and absurd white earmuffs, Faris exclaims, “Oh, my God—that is so for a scene,” Seth Rogen, the star of the dark comedy “Observe and Report,” from 2009, in which Faris played a vapid, slutty makeup saleswoman, says.

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A leading agent told me, “What Anna has going for her, to be crass, is that guys want to nail her.” During the filming, Faris recalled, “some studio exec basically said, ‘Get some tits in the movie.’ So we did a reshoot where I go in to save Colin from this naked woman, the morning after”—Ally pretends to be Colin’s enraged girlfriend—“and it was so obvious it was a tit shot that when she got up in my face I said ‘Tits!

’ just to make it clear what we were doing.”In the screening room, Faris and Mylod watched the film’s last scene, where Ally and her new boyfriend listen to a voice mail from the one lover she hadn’t tracked down, who reports that they never actually slept together—putting her back under the magic number.

“In my experience, girls’ revealing themselves as candid and raunchy doesn’t appeal to guys at all,” Stacey Snider, a partner in and the C. ” but, rather, “Did girl get so many boys she won’t get her man?

” Ally Darling (Faris), a hard-partying thirty-something who’s just lost her job, reads in that if a woman sleeps with more than twenty men she’ll never get married.

The actress was in a West Hollywood editing room to give notes on her new film, “What’s Your Number? So she works to diminish self-consciousness: she doesn’t watch her performance after a take or read her reviews, stays in at night for weeks on end, and, when she does go out, seeks anonymity behind one of her forty-nine pairs of sunglasses. ” doesn’t open until September, but it’s already ringed by skeptics.

” the director, Mark Mylod, asked solicitously.“My face! The mechanism that makes Faris Hollywood’s most original comic actress—a face as diagnostic as a polygraph pen—starts to quiver whenever she sees herself act or feels an ambient skepticism.“But it still bothers me: why would Ally be unemployed and wearing Prada shoes?”Being funny is the first criterion for comic actors, and somewhere down the list for comic actresses.“I spanked you, I finger-banged you,” he says, but then “you passed out in the shower.” The studio felt that “finger-banged” was too bald, so Faris suggested that they get “someone with a really funny voice, someone like Aziz”—the comedian Aziz Ansari—“to dub the message, and then we can put ‘finger-banged’ back in.” “Absolutely!” Mylod said, and Faris gave him a gentle smile, knowing that it probably wouldn’t happen. hundred thousand.” Watching me, she said, “Maybe it’s better as ‘Five’—a longer beat, a sudden realization—“ ‘.’ Better? After a moment, she added, “The truth is—and it’s kind of embarrassing, because I’m thirty-four, but I’ve been married twice, so I’ve been out of commission for a while—the real number The Bechdel Test, established in 1985 by the cartoonist Alison Bechdel and her friend Liz Wallace, is a way of examining movies for gender bias.They watched it again with an audio overlay from the crowd at a test screening: yep, laughs. Offscreen, Faris often behaves like a romantic-comedy heroine, all stumbles and self-deprecation.

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