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If you call Roman after probably because he assumed that he wouldn't be working. They are more decayed and yellow than, for example, Niko's or Elizabeta's.

- Gay pedestrians have female scream sound effects.

- When it rains police officers will wear coats and hats with plastic wrapped around them.

Carmen will ask Niko to buy her a condo in Algonquin, Kiki will ask Niko if he is planning to marry her, and Alex will open up to Niko about her abusive mother. She is the only one that Niko confides in, talking about his life in the war and his crimes.

Unfortunately she doesn't believe him, so he says that he works in construction.

This is pretty much like the one in the GTA V forum.

Although the game's nearly 6 years old so I guess most things about it are already known, but then again I always discover something new.

- If you tip a Busker more than 300$ they will give you a ring tone called ''St.

Thomas'' - You can spot pizza stack employees in alderney.

Niko will say he wants to silence Bulgarin once and for all, and Packie will tell him not to say what he wishes for out loud because it won't come true (this foreshadows Bulgarin instead being killed by Luis).

- Police officers have the name ''John Grimes'' written on their nametags - FIB agents were ment to have more accessories such as hats and glasses.

She also writes a blog (Liberated Woman on blogsnobs.org), and will write about the dates she has with Niko as well as the sex afterward if Niko is invited in for - Roman can be called after every couple of missions in order for a unique conversation.

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