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For me, just watching the two leads was entertaining and they managed to convey a love which was deep and with patience and respect of each other. I enjoyed it very much and I would also recommend it. ( ^ u * ) My two favorite actors, adorable and delightful together.

Such a wonderful drama...was light and touching...beautiful.... But there are plot gaps and writing lapses: the friends would have called her, for pete's sake; production team apparently didn't know what to do with the conclusion; and the second leads are annoying and boring.

Not bad drama and the story line is not that really good.. i watch this drama over i like both of them SMA and so ji sub and henry.. @Ang-ang I absolutely agree with you, we need more dramas like this which portray relationship that have parties that are mature in age and mind.

I can't believe when Oh My Venus just finished, I already starts to watch Master's Sun the 4/5th time. I can see and feel in Master's Sun that they progress in feeling but in Oh My Venus I can't feel how suddenly SJS would suddenly skiss SMA under the umberlla. Like whistle for Kim Young Ho and sound of piano and orchestra for Kang Joo Eun when she found out who KYH is.. Perhaps will upload and let me know what title that musics are..

I can't help to think how it will be if the actress is Gong Hyo Jin. Life is too short specially if you don't understand things why it is given and happened! Good job for everybody who involved for this productions...

I found that drama lacking towards the end and really got tired of the on again off again relationship. My favorite character was actually Yu In-Young's, she's so beautiful and her character was more interesting than most of the others. There are so many funny scenes when it comes to Young Hoo and Jo Eun with Joon Sung and Ji Woong.

For those who haven't watch it, I really recommend this drama.

Another thing what I liked about this drama were the two main leads.

The script was different and unusual but the two leads make it worked so well.

OST is awesome...., story is good....,after many days watched good Korean drama...expecting like these romantic roles from so ji sub.... during the whole one hour of each episode you really need not to think what happens next because you know it is gonna be fine in the end. and kudos and huge thanks to the rest of the cast and crew. Great hilarious drama, read some of the comments but this drama doesn't require unnecessary tension n all those other people are mentioning, natural acting, simple beautiful story that more realistic, dealing with issues of obesity, pain,... You can see that finally SJS is enjoying the show, I have not seen him smile this much in any of his other previous dramas. I really enjoy watching this one of my top romantic comedy drama.....i love the chemistry of both main lead, i wish that it didn't end, i was cried at the last episodes because of their love for each other. Until he met KJE.begun to slowly adapted to colourful life. full of emotions, happy and sad yet so light that keep me eyes smiling hahaha ..

I don't get t, don't these stories have a right to b written for dramas, who says that things are always that complicated in life, for me, this drama is way too realistic.. The love faces he makes when he looks at SMA are very natural ( Is he really in love? Even during the moments of pain, you can see that love is what moves them. SMA and Ju Ji-Hoon they're so hot together; SJS and HJM i'm sure girls will giggle again. This is a recommended drama for those who want to watch romantic scenes, good vibes and tears of joy!!! Since" kang ju eun day".robotic life..always follow the because of cancer ..spend most of his time in hospital since childhood.why his opinion " healthy more sexier".character was expressionless bc .lack of Love from his father .hard,cold,stiff,expressionless.only person he ever closed to was chief min.seong and Ji young.(bromance) their relationships so special and sooo..touching..Kang ju eun was the best that ever happened to them..there so much to say about this drama.the summary .. OMV is one of best i ever watched beside Healer, The heirs..bravo to all the character.supporting roles to main roles.the " proposal part" OMG!!! really unexpected ending, as if want to say much in little time left and 26 extra kilo for 1st trimester pregnancy is a little too much hihi ..

With the heat they stirred and the cozy chemistry under the Master's Sun, I think it would have created another peak. i did try to understand your previous comment but something is telling me to brush it off. An actor must be given versatile role and SJS nailed it here. Wonderful drama very natural acting, a great story, original and with lots of heart. The last time i cried this much was when i watched It's Okay It's Love, did not expect this drama to make me cry so much!! Love.drama so much.chemistry between sjs and sizzling..

Gong Hyo Jin is so good in comedy, it may have bring out a different result with her cute & dumb expression - it's just my thought One of the best drama I have watched so far.awesome chemistry between costars... Very cute drama ......, A fan from India :) This drama is one of the best. if you had a hectic day and need a drama to recharge and simply get a fresh air, this is the one. i'm not just the only one who really disliked this drama....? To all you people...really sorry if I made a comment that really hurt your feelings...i was just all expressing my right as we're all living in a free world. To me this show is like a breath of fresh air from beginning to end. There's no 2nd lead syndrome, no b*tchy lady, no major family drama, no rich and poor or I left you cause your rich and your mom disapprove of us type of deal and so on. and lovely.the scripts.line..especially the " gesture" between Kim young ho and kang ju eun.brilliantly ..begin with cold/hard/so strictly following the rules..working out..dieting( no fast food) and never taking a "nap"or no leisure so dull and lifeless..

I seriously cannot recommend this show even if you are a fan of either of the main leads. Nonetheless, one of the drama's that will inspire you to live a healthy happy life with the ones you love. Start watching this drama because the attractiveness of shin mina in the poster, after finished watching it, completely fall in love with So Jisub! :) Oh my Venus is a very simple,straight to the point movie#no beating around the bush i.e some scenes were actually predictable. Wish they would have another drama that would have a great plot. Their chemistry is really great but what's greater is the way they portrayed their characters in this story that hooked me. Are they going to be making any more for this series? Very inspirational and motivational for people who are dealing with overweight and health issues. At first, I did not want to watch because of mixed review, but I am glad I made a right decision. This drama is full of everything esp love, family and friendship. I like So Ji Sub from Master's Sun and this one as well. Oh my Venus gave my way to dig more about So Ji Sub and his amazing brain and attitude, he is totally got a new fan from someone who careless anything about Korean or kpop (? this is just on me tho : D we'll generally speaking , I still think Hong sister's prev.

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