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Name a Christmas movie that families might watch together. Name a food that kids want their own of even if they can’t finish the whole thing.

Name something a country western singer sings about but a rapper wouldn’t.

Name something a kid might do at the dinner table that would get him in trouble.

Unsold pilot: Starred in a sitcom pilot called "The Friday Night Group".

The plot concerned a group of mismatched friends meet to play cards, discuss the day's events and the problems in their lives.

Name something embarrassing that can happen if you laugh too hard.

Name something embarrassing that parents have video of their kids doing.

Name something a stay-at-home parent does while the kids are napping.

Name something a teenager is more likely to have on their body than their grandparent..

After their parents say no name something kids do to get what they want.

If an Elvis impersonator had a rummage sale what would you expect to find there? Name a downside to being the youngest child in a big family.

Name a type of “house” kids have that a family couldn’t live in permanently. Name an activity people only do when they have kids.

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