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During the interwar period a significant movement back towards Orthodoxy took place among these Greek Catholics.

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They have a separate diocese, however, in Canada, at present presided over by Bishop John Pažak (Eparchy of Sts.

Cyril and Methodius of Toronto, 223 Carlton Road, Unionville, Ontario L3R 2L8).

Until its dismemberment in 1991, the Yugoslav experiment proved defective, as rival groups jostled one another for supremacy.

Despite the Yugoslav collapse, its former constituents turned on one another in a bloodletting that did not abate until the new millennium.

The Prešov diocese includes a considerable number of ethnic Rusyn Greek Catholics.

In recent times, however, they have been absorbed into Slovak culture to a certain extent, as very few religious books are available in Rusyn, and the liturgy is almost always celebrated in either Church Slavonic or Slovak.

Of 292 parishes involved, 205 voted to return to communion with Rome.

This was one of the few Dubcek reforms that survived the Soviet invasion of 1968.

There were 131 women religious, and 92 seminarians.

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