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Philippe IV King of France decided the dispute in her favour . The nobles of Artois rebelled against her in 1314, supported by her nephew. "Mathildis comitissa Actrebatensis et Burgundie, palatina ac domina Salinensis" confirmed the purchase of clothes for the poor of Arbois, by "dominus noster Philippus Francie et Navarre rexacfilia nostra Johannaregina" for the soul of "domini nostri bone memorie domini Othonis comitis Burgundie", by charter dated .

The testament of "Mathildis comitssa Attrebatensis et Burgundi Palatina ac domina Salinensis", dated , chooses burial "in ecclesia B.

Dame de Conches-en-Ouches, daughter and heiress of PIERRE [I] de Courtenay Seigneur de Conches & his second wife Mathilde de Mehun (1250-Rome 1275, bur Rome).

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Vanderkindere describes the approximate boundaries of the pagus Atrebatensis, predecessor of the county of Artois: east of the pagus Teruanensis, north of the counties of Vermandois and Amiens, west of the pagus Austrebantum (Ostrevant) and the pagus Caribantus (in the county of Flanders), and south of the pagus Scarbeius and the pagus Leticus.

After the accession of the infant Count Arnoul III in 964, Lothaire King of the West Franks took temporary control over Artois, only handing it back to Flanders when Count Arnoul reached the age of majority.

King Philippe conquered the territory in [1190/91] after the death of the Flemish count, but was obliged to return part of it to Count Baudouin IX under the terms of the Treaty of Pronne.

The French king acquired the remaining part of the county under the Treaty of Lens in 1212, agreed as part of the arrangements connected with the marriage of Jeanne Ctss of Flanders and Fernando Infante of Portugal.

His paternal uncle Charles I King of Sicily named him Captain and Vicar-General of the kingdom of Sicily , a post which he held until .

Regent of Sicily in 1284-1289 for his cousin King Charles II, during the latter's period of imprisonment, Robert was named Captain General after the king's release .The Gesta Philippi Tertia Francorum Regis of Guillaume de Nangis names "Philippum..Robertum" as the two sons of "comes Attrebati Robertus" by his wife "filia...Petri de Cortenajo militis", adding that Robert died "puer"Philippum de Attrabato militum, defunctum Robertum eius fratrem, tempore quo idem Robertus vivebat and liberos domin Soliaci ex defuncto Henrico de Soliaco milite..eadem domina in sua garda habebat relating to the succession of Johannes de Soliaco miles..successione...defunct Petronill de Cortenoi et de Soliaco matris su [...The primary source which confirms her parentage has not been identified.Nun at the Priory of Saint-Louis at Poissy, at age 9.Artois remained under the control of Flanders until Count Philippe granted the county to his niece Isabelle de Hainaut as her dowry when she married Philippe II "Auguste" King of France in 1180.

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