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Mr Nhat recalled: “Before April 1975, I had been treated well by the South Korean troops who lived on the base near my home in Phu Yen Province, central Vietnam.

One day I met a translator who said the local troops needed a dishwasher.

I was so happy for chance of a better-paid job so I happily accepted the work at a nearby Division.

“But when the Communists declared victory, everything changed for me.

Suddenly, I knew I was dangerously different.” A period of painful bullying ensued in school. The other children kept asking who my father was and called him a 'dog'. “I was 18 when my mother finally sat me down and told me she had been raped by Korean soldiers - not once but three times.

So, it was with bewilderment he was suddenly jolted from his happy daydreams by a sharp kick from a victorious Communist soldier.

“Your father was a dog, boy,” bellowed the stockily-built man, “Now run!

Our country has suffered during many chapters in history but it is the Lai Dai Han who still suffer now.

The Americans took their children home but my children have been left behind by their fathers.

South Korea’s contingent was bigger than that of Australia or New Zealand - second only to the US military.

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