College dating violence and abuse poll

A recording of our October Expert Q&A session on “Prosecuting Image Exploitation” is now available for viewing, along with a copy of the Power Point, on our Expert Q&A page.This session describes various forms of image exploitation, including the dynamics of the behavior and the potential for harm, and discusses the ways that law enforcement and prosecutors can use existing laws to hold offenders accountable.

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The recording of our November Capacity Building Webinar for Human Trafficking Service Providers on “Labor Trafficking: Improving Victim Identification” is now available.

Participants learned strategies for improving outreach to hard-to-reach populations that are vulnerable to labor trafficking, and for building long-term, collaborative relationships with community based organizations and nontraditional investigative partners.

Officer La Riviere investigates a wide range of crimes, including domestic violence, sexual assault, elder abuse, and crimes against undocumented and Limited English Proficiency victims.

He has conducted extensive trainings both locally and nationally for law enforcement, medical, social services, and legal professionals on these issues.

A proud third generation graduate of the University of Michigan, Chris returned to the area to take care of ailing family members.

She made a lasting contribution to the field, and she will be missed.

Learn the basics of effective leadership within organizations, use tools to develop your leadership skills, and create your own leadership mission, all while interacting with other victim service providers and our instructors.

CEUs are awarded when you complete all requirements.

Participants gain information on the importance of language access in identifying and serving victims, and identify tools and program models that address the systemic barriers facing survivors of human trafficking who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, or LEP.

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