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My friends and I are done dating anyone not in their thirties, and we don't know where these guys are.I've heard that San Francisco is known to be the number one city for gold diggers, but I haven't observed that at all.There is saying amongst women trying to date in Silicon Valley: The odds are good, but the goods are odd.

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On the condition of anonymity she agreed to tell all. If you are even an average or above average female, finding a date isn't an issue.

You have a lot of guys you can go on dates with, but what makes it difficult is finding a viable partner. They are extremely smart and logical and think, "I can apply that to a relationship and be rational and logical and that will work." They don't realize that as women, we can be emotional — a lot of guys don't have tolerance for that.

" These younger guys try to persuade you that they really are mature, but they're not.

Some of them just latch on and are very persistent.

Older women are just picking up the 28-year-olds because they can. It won't work," and they tell me, "I've dated older women, and it is so much better." It's pretty common.

It is totally cougar central, and it's hilarious. They'll latch on to us, and they think, she'll take care of me.They're being taken care of at work, so why not be in a relationship where they're taken care of too?It's so comical — to the point where when I go out, the first question is, "How old are you?Sometimes when they have a deadline or are pushing out a product, for instance, they put in 90 hours.They typically say they would live at work if they could.Most of the men went to Ivy League schools, are ambitious, and came out here because it's the mecca of the tech world. A lot of people in the Valley have started meeting people through salsa dancing — it's really big — and so much social awkwardness comes up. They act like, "Oh my goodness, there is a woman who I'm touching." They get super nervous.

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