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The sacraments are a living continuation of this mystery.

There are earthly, external signs here which, of themselves, could never acquire any supernatural significance, but the signs of the sacraments have been made by Christ into vehicles of his grace.

Only in this application of redemption to mankind is the redemptive action of Christ completed.

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It deals with the holy signs which Christ instituted as the vehicles of his grace.

The great mystery of the union in Christ of a human nature with the second Person of the Godhead is that the human actions and sufferings of Christ are divine actions and sufferings.

Through penance, the faithful receive pardon through God's mercy for the sins they have committed.

At the same time, they are reconciled with the Church community.

This would ultimately be to conceive the way of salvation as being man's way to God and not God's way to man.

The Church Thus Teaches: There are seven sacraments.

They were instituted by Christ and given to the Church to administer. The sacraments are the vehicles of grace which they convey.

They are validly administered by the carrying out of the sign with the proper intention.

The liturgical life of the Catholic Church revolves around the Eucharistic sacrifice and the sacraments.

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