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Or, meet NYC singles in person at a Stir event — these are fun, pre–planned outings, such as a cooking class or dance lesson.

Whether you are looking for one date or a long–lasting relationship, we can help.

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Christian couples can connect through grueling workouts and there is something about sweating together that helps you move past first appearances quicker!

Coffee is a big deal for many people and it’s not uncommon to meet other Christian singles at a coffee shop!

Create Your Online Profile Today Many subscribers have found success with online dating, and NYC residents are no exception.

Lots of city residents set up online profiles on our site every month in the hopes of finding lasting love, and you can, too.

When your best buddy brings their new coworker to your weekly dinner night, look for the qualities that are attractive to you.

Many weddings on television are portrayed as wild parties, but many Christian couples steer clear of the open bar tab and crazy dancing.

Bonding over java can lead to realizing the full potential of pursing a relationship.

Whether or not a potential spouse drinks coffee may not be the deal breaker, but this small commonality may indicate you have much more in common.

Date Ideas in New York City When it comes to NYC dating, there are endless options for romantic first dates.

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