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She said yes, and the two enjoyed a long car ride — followed by a long helicopter ride — where they discussed what happened at the end of their relationship. The alleyway kiss that happened right as they left the gallery. Ana then went out and grabbed a few too many drinks with Ethan in order to process everything that had just happened. Christian’s anger is the only part that carried over into the film.

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And no, we’re not talking about the minor stuff, like the Blackberry vs. Flynn Christian’s psychiatrist is nowhere to be found in the film, which is a big change from the book, in which Dr.

i Phone of it all, or the fact that we don’t get to see Ana’s new car in the film. Flynn not only attended the charity ball — and even twirled Ana around on the dance floor — but he also sat down with Ana to answer any and all questions she had about Christian. There’s less sex At this point, this is to be expected.

1 Shade Darker Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan), who has apparently been absent from Ana’s life for months, buys every photo of Ana because he doesn’t want other people to look at her.

2 Shades Darker Christian and Ana go to dinner together to discuss why they should begin dating again. Ana says there will be “no rules” this time, and Christian says “Um…

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They don’t function perfectly anymore, and they’re full of dead skin. 1 Shade Darker Christian says “Calm isn’t really my forte.” The film is having an Italian moment.

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