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Watching the activities in the butchering tent leads them to an afternoon of carnal delight, followed by a repast of medium done portions of human cattle thigh and rump well covered with barbecue sauce, onions and mushrooms.Joey envisions Linda Sue rotating about a cooking flame.

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As always, my thanks to Neuralmancer for allowing me to assume the mortgage on his farm.

Eurytion Our story so far: In Chapter One: A New Project by Neuralmancer --- we meet Joey who lives on a human cattle ranch owned by his father.

In Chapter Nineteen: A Marriage Ends by Eurytion --- We learn more about the legal system and watch a marriage terminate.

In Chapter Twenty: A Day at The Races by Eurytion --- Joey closes in on the Cup while others close in on the finish line.

Joey and Linda Sue lend a hand in the slaughtering.

In Chapter Four: A Maverick's Conversion by Eurytion --- Linda Sue catches Valerie, Joey's thirteen year old neighbour who has a huge crush on Joey without her identification badge.

In Chapter Twelve: The Plot Advances by Eurytion --- Joey suggests Terri and Linda Sue engage in a game of horse.

A sparkling new friendship is formed while an almost cow plots revenge.

This is an intense story of the raising of humans as livestock and the consumption of human flesh.

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