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Yw are worried about going into RS and it seems to be getting attention church wide.Why can’t the YW go visit teaching like YM get to go HT?

YSA wards, at least in Utah, seem to be geared towards younger, college-aged YSAs.

We are in a different stage of life than younger YSAs, because are finished with college, are in our careers, have post-graduate degrees, and even own homes.

How can I deal with sources of pressure and distress over my singleness?

Older YSAs, say 27-33, seem to be a forgotten and lost group in the church.

With my interest piqued, I decided to do some basic analysis of the submitted questions.

I wrote a Python script to scrape the face-to-face website and download all of the questions.

The recent video of Elders Ballard and Oaks discussing their upcoming face-to-face event, especially their comments regarding submitted questions, piqued my interest in those questions.

In the video, Elder Oaks mentions that many questions were about repentance, specifically how one should repent. Elder Ballard later mentions that there are many tough questions – questions without answers – and he jokes that the two of them will avoid those questions.

How come worthiness is less important than gender when it comes to holding the priesthood?

Why is it that women can’t give healing blessings using the priesthood?

It does not require the priesthood to go vt and it would be a great way to meet RS members and feel comfortable plus help us gain testimony of visit teaching.

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