Bipolar disorder and internet dating

I started treatment that day―actually, I started my RECOVERY that day.

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With my family’s support, I was able to graduate from college in 2010 with my Associate’s Degree.

I worked hard and, in 2013, became a Peer Support Specialist for the VA, which has helped me become the person I am today.

I found that spending time with fellow Veterans is the most powerful thing in my recovery, and I have spent time educating later generations of soldiers on PTSD and depression.

I spend my time with others, giving back, living by the creed of selfless service I was taught in the military and growing up.

In October of 2000, I joined the United States Army and graduated Soldier Leader in my cycle out of Basic Training.

I deployed to Iraq in 2003 and served my country with pride. I began to push people away, avoided situations that reminded me of being in Iraq, and began to isolate myself. I had been injured in combat and was Honorably Discharged in 2004.“I'm a runner, I run from everything, instead of facing my fears,” I said.Looking back, I realize that I am a fighter: I fought for 10 years to complete my bachelor's degree; I fought through dropping out of schools and multiple visits to the mental health unit; I fought to reconcile my past and accept who I am as an individual; and, lastly, I fought to obtain the healing necessary to reconcile the stigma that accompanied my diagnosis. It wasn't until after I was diagnosed that a sudden, severe depression accompanied my high anxiety. I had neglected myself for so long that I was almost beyond repair. I started to write down my thoughts and, when there were only fragments, I wrote songs or poems.I gave a speech right before I graduated on “Fight or Flight Mechanisms.” The whole speech was about my passion for running cross country and track, of running away from problems at home or in school, of spending my healing time playing video games instead of coming to terms with emotional loss.In short, the speech was about how I choose “flight” as my instinct mechanism.Each month, features new, empowering stories of individuals whose lives have been touched, but not limited by, a mood disorder. This saying was powerful while I was serving in the United States Army, and it still is.

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