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A 14-year-old prostitute girl and an ill-fated, eccentric American writer forge a strange...

See full summary » I am Ecuadorian Citizen and I am very familiar, off course, with how towns look like, as well streets, people, jails, sceneries, laws, etc.

In fact, Jeter really only dates gorgeous girls, and at the age of 38, he's got a resum better than the most debonair Hollywood bachelors.

Exactly where does he rate among the Leo Di Caprios, Warren Beattys, and Wilmer Valderramas of the world?

The first fake things I watched like towns, music, people, the way people speaks Spanish, the horrendous inner jails world and legal system did move me to a scrutiny attitude; it's like watching a true history happened in the US and filmed in any other country. I don't understand why, if the movie is related to a true history happened in Ecuador, why they had to film in a totally different locations?

Everything in the "Ecuadorian" environment is Colombian.

She is hot-tempered and tends to get annoyed and angered easily.

Very competitive, Barbara Hershey is always willing to take on any challenge.

Barbara Hershey expects, and draws out, the best from people and she enjoys making others comfortable and happy.

Because of her emotional generosity, her life is rich with friends, and often financial blessings as well.

Open and generous, Barbara Hershey enjoys a wide circle of friends and acquaintances and she thrives on sociability and fellowship.

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