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Well, according to The House Of Mouse, Will Smith has signed on to play the Genie and Naomi Scott will be the film's Princess Jasmine. However, the street rat turned prince character will played by relative newcomer Mena Massoud. Aliens in America (also known as Raja) is an American sitcom created by David Guarascio and Moses Port that aired on The CW for one season from 2007–2008.Meanwhile, Gary tries to make up for losing his job by getting all the money possible out of his alpacas, and recruits Claire to care for them.

So Raja takes over the job and the crowd goes wild for his gravity-defying moves.

When Raja's enthusiasm leads to a confrontation with a spectator, Justin realizes he must face his fears and make Franny proud.

Meanwhile, Gary decides to get involved when Claire decides to call it quits with Jeffrey.

When Franny loses her sense of boundaries and requests that Gary remove the locks from all the doors, Justin and his friends find time for themselves by creating the Rocket Club, which is their secret excuse to hang out and do whatever they want.

However, the one thing that Justin does lack is a social life.

His mother, Franny, tries to fix this problem by hosting a foreign student who can perhaps make Justin popular.

Guarascio and Port also served as executive producers of the show alongside Tim Doyle. High schooler Justin Tolchuck (Dan Byrd) is a sensitive, lanky 16-year-old just trying to fit in at his high school in Medora, Wisconsin. Duncan) convinces the family to take in an international student, they accept him with the expectation that he will be a good-looking European or Latin American student that will make Justin popular.

He lives with his well-meaning mom Franny (Amy Pietz) who just wants him to be "cool" and fit in, entrepreneur dad Gary (Scott Patterson) who is very laid back, and his newly popular younger sister Claire (Lindsey Shaw), who tries to raise her popularity in school. Although initially dismayed when Raja Musharraf (Adhir Kalyan), a 16-year-old Muslim boy from Pakistan turns up instead, they soon warm up to him and although their cultures are different, Justin and Raja form an unlikely friendship that might allow them to get past the social nightmare of high school.

Much to the family's surprise, Raja begins smoking due to midterms stress.

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