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Though organizers included conservatives, it was a Vatican event, sponsored by various dicasteries including the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

And the Church quite properly is loath to present the teachings of the Church as either conservative or liberal.

I asked around and no one knew there was an embargo on the identities of the participants.

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In the end, everyone pretty much knows who you are and what you are talking about. This does not denigrate or demean them or their relationships.

It’s true: the conference was one long beautiful meditation on how men and women uniquely fit together and how this is agreed upon across cultures, across the globe and across faiths. A soft-spoken Taoist woman lectured on the Yin and Yang, not the two Yins or the two Yangs. It is simply a beautiful truth that was discussed in depth at the Vatican this week. Austin Ruse is president of C-FAM (Center for Family & Human Rights), a New York and Washington DC-based research institute.

As one speaker said, eventually one plus one equals one. Sacks, former chief rabbi of the United Kingdom, told the story of math-computer whiz Alan Turing, who cracked the Nazi code during World War II, but was later convicted of homosexual behavior and given the choice of prison or hormone treatments to stem his homosexual desires.

Still, unless you are willing to fudge Church teaching or at least wink at heterodoxy, something called “The Complementarity of Men and Women” might be characterized as conservative because it not only excludes the same-sexes but also presupposes certain unique male and female ways of being. Janne Matlary, the former foreign minister of Norway, said she never liked playing with dolls. Head of communications was Helen Alvare, a law professor noted for advancing social conservative causes like pro-life and traditional marriage. Sacks said though we should not return to those “dark days” we nevertheless should not cave in to calls to change the definition of marriage.

I got scolded good and proper at the Vatican conference on man-woman complementarity this week.

In an article for Breitbart News I named some of the participants in the conference.

Almost immediately Daniel Horan published an essay at scolding the conference for not presenting a diversity of views on complementarity and used the Pope’s own conference talk to make his case.

The Pope said, “When we speak of complementarity between man and woman in this context, let us not confuse that term with the simplistic idea that all the roles and relations of the two sexes are fixed in a single, static pattern.” See, complementarity is not a single thing.

Photo Late-19th century Connecticut was marked by the growing prevalence of fraternal benefit societies, hostility toward Catholic immigrants and dangerous working conditions in factories that left many families fatherless.

Recognizing a vital, practical need in his community, Father Michael J. Mary’s Church in New Haven, Conn., gathered a group of men at his parish on Oct. He proposed establishing a lay organization, the goal of which would be to prevent Catholic men from entering secret societies whose membership was antithetical to Church teaching, to unite men of Catholic faith and to provide for the families of deceased members.

What’s more, conference organizers do not want to scare away potential allies who might consider themselves other than conservative.

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