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We’re told the pair have been dating for over a year and have quietly kept their relationship from the public. The irony of a song titled “Int’l Players Anthem” featuring three happily married men is quite fitting within the realm of rap.A moment of guilt and possible regret can be heard on “Sorry,” the T. record that is known most for André’s apology to Big Boi.

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UPDATE: Andre 3000 told Hard Knock TV that he plans on turning his line of custom jumpsuits into a T-shirt line in 2015.

Andre 3000 addressed his concerns over this summer's Outkast reunion in a conversation with experimental electronic artist Nicolas Jaar for "I felt weird about going out on stage and doing it again," said the rapper, whose real name is Andre Benjamin.

“” is a fascinating lyric when considering the artist has few peers that he can turn to.

Once you reach diamond status, your peer group is minimal.

From interracial love on Gwen Stefani’s “Long Way To Go” (also cut from ) to simply picking up a love interest on John Legend's “Green Light,” almost all the nuances of courting/courtship from a man’s perspective have been touched upon throughout his career.

It’s the language and stories that have kept these verses fresh; he continues to pull from the same well but the water has been refreshing each and every time.

But without knowing the truth behind the lyrics, what can be precieved as many could be one. He is a man too private to know who is the inspiration behind the bars.

Only André knows why love has been such an enamoring subject to study in his music.

"I felt like people would be like, ' Y'all are doing all these festivals, y'all are just doing it for money.' And I felt like a sell-out, honestly.

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