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Do you want the unique opportunity to influence the XL Linux compilers' next offering and make your future development on Power systems more effective? Through the beta program of XL C/C for Linux and XL Fortran for Linux, we are collecting feedback from our clients and listening to the needs from C/C and Fortran developers on Power Linux, as we improve the quality of our next offering.Being a beta participant, you will: By using our latest beta compiler, you can exploit GPU computing capabilities with our continuously expanding support for the Open MP API V4.5 specification.The meaning of an abnormal result varies with the clinical condition of the person tested.

For more, check out the system requirements and my preview from last year.

Find blog articles on a variety of compiler and language topics - straight from compiler developers and language experts.

Multiple myeloma is a malignancy (cancer) of a certain kind of white blood cell, called a plasma cell.

At the time of diagnosis, the Beta-microglobulin normally is filtered out of the blood by the kidney's glomeruli (a round mass of capillary loops leading to each kidney tubule), only to be partially reabsorbed back into the blood when it reaches the kidney's tubules.

In glomerular kidney disease, the glomeruli can't filter it out of the blood, so levels increase in the blood and decrease in the urine.

In tubular kidney disease, the tubules can't reabsorb it back into the blood, so urine levels rise and blood levels fall.

Pressure to the puncture site until the bleeding stops reduces bruising.

Warm packs on the puncture site relieve discomfort.

At launch, both the standard and deluxe editions will be available for slightly more.

But there's no purchase required to participate in this weekend's open beta.

Tripwire announced today that Rising Storm 2: Vietnam—the sequel to the standalone Red Orchestra 2 expansion Rising Storm—will be out on May 30th.

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