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is present in these comments that have been gleaned from other homeschoolers, actually used ourselves, and/or are being held in reserve, awaiting the right moment. as long as he remembers to use smaller words and shorter sentences.” (From the is what Karl Marx endorsed as Communism.” 10. “I’m not relying on the state to socialize my kids.” 8.

Our sincere thanks and admiration goes out to those intrepid souls whose remarks we have shamelessly borrowed. “I prefer to have my kids learn to deal mostly with adults.

Unloading the dishwasher meant they could listen to the kitchen radio for the duration of that task.

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Until next time be good, stay off the chems and careful the baby doesn't shit/fart/piss on you.

“Oh, right, because (obviously) spending years with no one but her own family really hurt Laura Ingalls Wilder.” 13.

I just corner the kids in the bathroom every few days and steal their lunch money.” 14.

Breaks can be shortened or extended to fit the chore desired. We began homeschooling when the school couldn’t cope with our child’s medical condition, but once she was home we found some serious academic deficiencies and other problems that we hadn’t realized existed.

Chores teach kids skills, responsibility, and independence—plus they break up the rest of the day while bringing real-world benefits. Don’t assume everything is fine at school, just because your child hasn’t complained. Yes, but you’ll also come up with several more good reasons as soon as you get started (see #6a above).

c) Do your children deserve the same learning opportunities and freedoms as the one you want to bring home? One can play with the toddler while another does math, then switch.

For a time, my daughter got up early and did all her schoolwork from 6-10 in the morning, then worked on other projects throughout the day.

c) Let them assist each other when necessary, because Mom is not the only one capable of answering questions.

d) Problem-solving skills are developed through solving problems!

These questions appear over and over in emails from parents who are considering homeschooling, regardless of the reasons. Then check Home School Legal Defense Association’s website (hslda.org) for your state’s legal requirements and get that in order. Bonus: your student will learn more and retain more from his bunny trails than from a textbook.) c) Start slowly by using Google, Pinterest, or the library for one or two subjects and build your class load from there.

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